Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Microwaved Scrambled Eggs

After I started scrambling my eggs in the microwave
 I will never again make them in a pan on the stove. 
Especially those that are trying to cut back on 
oils and fats this is perfect!
No butter, no oil and not even any milk!
Quick, easy and super fluffy eggs!

I'm not going to waste your time by listing the ingredients its pretty basic.

Eggs, Salt, Pepper and a glass bowl.. tada. 

I don't add any oil, milk or water. Sure, you can add some butter and milk if you like but, its not needed at all. 

Just crack as many eggs as you like into a glass bowl and season to taste.
I use 5 eggs for to split between 2 people. 

And just scramble them until the yolks and whites are completely blended together.

Now, since each microwave is different this is the tricky part.
When I make this I just microwave them on high for a few minutes checking them inbetween. In total it takes me about 3 minutes for those 5 eggs to be completely done.

If they look like this.. keep nuking them. 

This is what you are going for. Little to no liquid left.

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