Thursday, September 27, 2012

In memory of Mark - Buckle Up!

One year ago today I received a message that would rock me to my core. My Mom & Dad were on their way to Florida because my nephew Marcus had been involved in an automobile accident as his father was taking him to school.

His Father was not wearing a seat belt and Marcus was not in a booster seat and properly restrained in the back seat of the car. Mark was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene and Marcus suffered severe injuries including ruptured bowels and intestines (because the seat belt he was wearing was across his abdomen and not his hips, which is the purpose of the booster seat) and severe spinal cord injuries and is paralyzed from the neck down.

Mark was only 24 years old and while I didn't know him well, the few times I was around him he was always very nice and he was a great Daddy. A year later and my heart still aches for his Mom Michelle, for Marcus and for Isabell (Marcus's little sister) and the rest of their family.

Mark didn't have to die and Marcus should be able to run and play like other 7 year old boys but he can't even breath without a machine. Automobile seat belts are designed for ADULT bodies, they CAN NOT safely restrain a small body in the event of a crash. So if you transport children in a vehicle, even occasionally, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure the child or children in your care are properly restrained in your vehicle. And please share this information. I think a lot of people are confused and/or misinformed on this issue. States have different laws but this shouldn't be about what's "legal", it should be about protecting children.

Don't let Mark's death and Marcus's injuries be in vain - let what happened to them be a lesson to prevent this from happening to someone else. Don't think it can't happen to you and your family because I was naive enough to think something like this would never happen to us.

Rest in peace Mark - return if possible.

Gone but never forgotten

In most states you can contact your local hospital and/or police station and they can teach you how to properly install your car seat.

Please check out the link below if you have a child or children in your care - it just might save their life!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glade Expressions Review!

If you don't know already what BzzAgent is you REALLY need to sign up for it! Its a great website that asks everyday people to do product reviews. So, you get all these great products to try out for free, high value coupons to give to your friends and family to also try out the products at a great discount! In return all they ask is that you Buzz about the products! Buzzing = Talking about the product with your friends/family, posting about it on Facebook and Twitter, writing a review about it, showing pictures of the product etc. The more Buzzing you do, the more likely you are to be selected to receive other promotions! Its a win/win!

Recently I reviewed Glade Expressions Collection. I got a coupon for a free Starter Kit of the Glade Expressions Refillable room spray and another coupon for a free Oil Diffuser!
I must say, both products are fantastic and I'm not just saying that. The room spray is not over powering yet strong enough that you can really smell it and it spreads around nicely and stays in the air for quite awhile. Very refreshing and clean! I was really surprised at how strong smelling the Oil Diffuser is and it lasts for 30 days! It looks nice and not just like an ordinary plastic air freshener. I have it sitting on the counter in my bathroom and it makes the hallway and bathroom smell great!