Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Peacock themed living room

This is the beginnings of our Peacock themed living room.
I've always loved jewel tones and wanted something that would add some pops of color to our rather drab brown furniture and cabinetry.
My Mom is currently in the process of sewing me up some more pillows.
I used to do sewing myself and had my own machine but it bit the dust.
*Christmas list.. sewing machine..check!*
Everything I bought came from Ross. I lurve that store! Even the purple chair.. I saw the chair and had to have it!

Chair - 99.00
Peacock pillow - 20.00
Round purple pillow - 5.00 (SCORE!)
2 teal pillows - 8.00 heck yeah!
teal blanket (Dollar General on clearance) 4.00
Metal Peacock statue - 10.00

*prices are estimated from what I can remember

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