Saturday, November 12, 2011

Depression Cooking

I am very sad to learn that on November 29, 2013 Clara passed away. She will be greatly missed.

I wanted to share with my readers a vlog that I have been following on YouTube for quite a long time.

Clara reminds me so much of my great-grandma Ramona and the way she would cook. I have learned many things from my little granny as well as Clara.

My little granny would've been 99 this year but, passed away when she was 92.
This is a picture of my granny and myself years ago in my room at my parents house (Yes, that is a Hanson poster on the wall.. don't hate!). I was putting makeup on her and doing her hair. She had the most beautiful smooth skin.
In the near future I plan on featuring some of my granny's recipes including Enchiladas and Tamales.

Even in her last days my granny was always a beauty. In this picture I can see the face of my mother as well as myself. And, its odd how many of her traits and personality trickled down the generations to my mother, my sister and myself.

While Clara is Italian her cooking style is much like what my granny's was but granny was Mexican.
As of December 24th Clara will no longer be making Depression Cooking videos. While I am sad to see her go, at 96 years old as Clara says "I'm pretty damn old!" I just love her and wish her good health and many years to come!
Click the links below for more on Clara's videos, cookbook & DVD's.
Clara's Depression Cooking YouTube Channel
Clara's website -

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